Instax Film Prices

One thing I find really interesting in reviews of the Fujifilm Instax camera (mini and wide)  is they always mention how expensive the film is. It seems to me that these comparisons are generally made to getting digital prints and I don’t think that’s a particularly fair comparison.

I believe a better comparison is to Impossible Project film for Polaroid cameras or film and processing costs for 35mm and 120mm cameras. The prices I’ve used are from the Impossible Project, eBay and a local camera and film store (cheaper than eBay, plus offers processing) and based on the lowest listed price in Australian dollars for a single roll/box of film.

Total Cost (*does not include shipping)
Impossible Project *$30.24 for 8 prints
Instax Mini $10.25 for 10 prints
Instax Wide $12.20 for 10 prints
35mm film + processing *$22.90 for 36 prints
120mm film + processing *$29.45 for 12 prints

Cost Per Print (*Shipping not included)
Impossible Project *$3.78
Instax Mini $1.02
Instax Wide $1.22
35mm *$0.64
120mm *$2.45

35mm works out the cheapest option – assuming that you don’t need to receive the film by post or post it to be processed. Prices vary for bulk buying and processing.

This isn’t a definitive price guide and was written mostly for my own curiosity.

For me personally the important comparison was between the two Instax format and 120mm film since prior to the arrival of my Instax I was most likely to use my Brownie for taking photos. For now Instax wins out for a couple of reasons – it’s fun, the price of film isn’t that expensive and there’s no waiting time to get the photos.


Camera Love


My current cameras: Olympus [mju:]-II (35mm film), Kodak Six-20 Popular Brownie (620/120 film), Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s (Instax mini film), Olympus FE-4030 (digital).

An Instant World

It’s been awhile since I tried to keep a blog, but here I go again.

I’ve started this because I’ve fallen back in love with photography after getting a Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s. Growing up I was fascinated by Polaroid photos, but never had a Polaroid camera myself. I did however have film cameras and later on digital cameras.

While I’ve still been taking photos, somewhere along the way photography seemed to loose its magic. Something was missing. I’d still enjoy taking photos and found digital manipulation interesting, but I guess I’m a film girl at heart. The problem was film became increasingly expensive, especially when combined with processing costs.

In recent years I would take the ocassional photo with the Box Brownie that originally belonged to my grandparents, but it took effort considering the 620 film it takes was basically extinct and the 120 that was available needed adjustments to fit the camera (luckily plastic spools can be cut to fit!). The processing costs also meant that film would sit in my fridge and not get processed.

Jumping ahead to the beginning of this year (2015) and I saw a post in a Mori Girl community asking about the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. I’d not heard about the camera before, but I wanted to know more. Some slightly obsessive googling and an unsuccessful attempt to purchase a Mini 8 later I had a shiny new Instax Mini 7s in my hands. Sure it was the previous model, but it was in stock and within my tiny budget!

It was cute! It felt good in my hands and it was easy to use, but best of all was having it spit out adorable tiny photos! From the first photo I took the magic was back.

I’m still getting used to using my Mini 7s, but I’m enjoying it so much that I’m looking at getting a Fujifilm Instax Wide, which takes bigger photos. I’ll probably get the 210, although there is a new model – the 300 due out. For me it’s not about having the latest gear, it’s about fun and passion. I’m not a great photographer, but I’m enjoying taking photos again and actually planning days out to take photos.