I want it all and I want it now!

When I discover or rediscover a new interest or hobby I tend to get a little overexcited (sounds better than obsessive!) and I tend to want to acquire everything related to it all at once, often before really establishing my interest properly. This certainly applies to my current interest in instant photography. I keep on finding out about new cameras and accessories and I want them all and I want them now. Which does seem a little obsessive when I haven’t been out taking many photos.

So I spend the day seeking out reviews on cameras, film and accessories, adding them to my mental wish list. One thing I do find frustrating in my searching is that while I can find a reasonable number of reviews, it’s really hard to find a good comparison review.

Something else hard to find is a good guide to instant photography. Most seem to be limited to use the right lighting and aperture. While they are essential elements I really want something more. I also want to see something more than just party shots. I want to see more art made using the constraints of instant film.


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