A new camera on its way!

I’ve been loving using my instax cameras, but have been wanting to try something more “serious”, which in my mind tends to be a manual slr. I’m pretty sure my parents have one, but their whole house is in storage and with a street photography workshop coming up next month I wanted something I could have a chance to use and play with.

A DSLR is out of my budget, and if I’m honest I feel like digital photography is missing something I can’t exactly express. I’ve had a couple of digital cameras, and they’ve taken nice photos, but there’s just something missing. So I thought I’d look on eBay for a 35mm film slr. So now I’ve got a Ricoh KR-5 on its way to me.


Getting to know my cameras

I’m still getting to know my cameras and I have to say that the Instax Mini 7s is still very hit and miss (far more misses than hits), although I’m really liking some of the misses!

The Instax 210 on the other hand is wonderful. Which is making me lean more and more towards getting a higher end camera that takes the Instax Mini film.

I really like the mini size film. It’s cute and fun, and I want to shoot more with it. So that leads me to looking more and more at the lomo’instant or the fuji mini 90 neo classic. There’s not much of a price difference, so it’s really down to build and features and there’s point in favour of both. I just wish I could find more side by side comparisons.

I want it all and I want it now!

When I discover or rediscover a new interest or hobby I tend to get a little overexcited (sounds better than obsessive!) and I tend to want to acquire everything related to it all at once, often before really establishing my interest properly. This certainly applies to my current interest in instant photography. I keep on finding out about new cameras and accessories and I want them all and I want them now. Which does seem a little obsessive when I haven’t been out taking many photos.

So I spend the day seeking out reviews on cameras, film and accessories, adding them to my mental wish list. One thing I do find frustrating in my searching is that while I can find a reasonable number of reviews, it’s really hard to find a good comparison review.

Something else hard to find is a good guide to instant photography. Most seem to be limited to use the right lighting and aperture. While they are essential elements I really want something more. I also want to see something more than just party shots. I want to see more art made using the constraints of instant film.

The big and small

My Fujifilm Instax 210 (Instax Wide) arrived this morning. As expected it’s huge!

I’ve only taken one photo so far, but already I love it. It’s heavier than any of my other cameras, but it feels good in my hands.  Unlike the Mini 7s the viewfinder is on the left hand side, which felt a little weird to first, but the viewfinder is in a different place on each camera I have, so it’s not a big deal.


Instax Mini 7s v Instax 210

It’s gonna be Big!

I just ordered the Fujifilm Instax 210 (aka Instax Wide) camera! All going well it should arrive in the next week or so. I’m excite for it to arrive, but I’m a little nervous too because it’s a big camera. I’ve read the specs and reviews, but I’m not sure if I truly comprehend just how big it will be. I guess time will tell.

Things I’ve forgotten about cameras

I’m still getting used to my Instax Mini and today was the first time I’d taken more than a single photo at a time.

Most of my photos were overexposed and I was disappointed, but then I realised I’d forgotten to adjust the  aperture. Doh! So far remembering to set the aperture is the hardest part of using my Instax Mini.

It’s been a long time since I used a camera where I needed to set the aperture. The cameras I’ve been using had either automatically set the aperture or had a fixed aperture so my Instax is an interesting departure.